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Preservation and Protection of cultural heritage

 The Art of Delaying the Inevitable


Conservation Lab International Ltd offers specialized technical services and the provision of professional equipment in the field of preservation and conservation of collections of archives, libraries and museums, as well as the promotion of the use of these tools, which make the process more effective and preventive in preserving the cultural heritage. We provide support to conservers and respond to the specific needs of each institution with equipment, tools, consumables and specialized services.

We rely on the ever-growing specialization and internationalization, trying to set an example in the field of cultural heritage.

 Innovative environmental methods for prevention, treatment and long-term storage 

Preserving the cultural heritage is a constant challenge for the institutions and professionals responsible for its conservation. Efforts are directed at identifying agents that cause harm and implementing preventive and curative measures to prevent or combat the attack of these agents. More than mandatory is the development of conservation measures and the creation of the most acceptable conditions for the preservation of books, documents, archival materials, museum exhibits and other cultural heritage sites to ensure a long life, physical integrity and preservation of information, recorded on them without losing their identity as objects.

    In recent years, apart from classical methods of conservation stand out such methods that can be defined as “innovative”. In fact, they are imposed by the natural course of development of modern humankind. The processes of globalization also leave an imprint on the change and attitude of people towards such types of processes. At present, the most alternative method for preservation (treatment, prevention and long term storage) is the method “atmosphere anoxia” by which the effects of degradation of the treated works by biological pests are reduced.

   The anoxic atmosphere method (oxygen-free medium) is a technique for eradicating and controlling pests. It is an oxygen removal process in a closed space in which materials or objects are isolated for treatment or preventive measures.

Creating an oxygen-deficient micro-environment is a real prospect of long-term storage (not just documents on a different medium), not only because it is safe, non-toxic and totally inert with regard to the treated material, but also because it slows down the process of degradation and destruction of sensitive and vulnerable documents mainly caused by oxygen, pollutants and inadequate humidity and temperature levels. 

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