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Anoxia Chamber - Installation Diagram

Anoxia Disinfestation Chamber

Automatic System Anoxia  for treatment and prevention for the purpose of long-term and systematic treatment of documents and archival materials, as well as other cultural heritage sites.


This system allows to determine the operating conditions and to control the parameters of the environment in the chamber, causing an adequate environment with low oxygen level. The mechanisms of work, control and the register are automated and conditioned. The results are dehydration and suffocation of microorganisms and insects (egg, pupa, larva, adults), regardless of which evolutionary stage of development they are. An inert gas, usually nitrogen, is used. It does not kill directly, but prevents side effects through the lack of oxygen needed to prolong the life of pests. The process does not cause consequent negative effects on the treated items, nor does it pose any risk to the health of the operatives or the consumer.

The duration of treatment is from 2 to 4 weeks.


  • Control panel for switching on and off the equipment

  • Displaying treatment parameters: temperature, pressure, humidity, oxygen level

  • Ionizing function

  • Door: manual door

  • Inert gas installation: Nitrogen Generator

  • Warranty: 24 months

Anoxia Chamber - designed and manufactured with efficiency, ecology and high technology.
Anoxia Chamber - has intuitive controls, simple and automated operation and observes health and safety working conditions for users.

Two different models to choose from

  • Automatic System Anoxia  hk 3

Volume of the chamber inside: 3 m3 L-1600 mm H-2000 mm D-1000 mm

Chamber volume inside: 6 m3 L-2000 mm H-1900 mm D-1600 mm

  • Other sizes are available on request.

100 % non-toxic

treated and protected

anoxia disinfestation chamber
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