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Laboratory Hoods "ConLabCam"

Laboratory Fume Hoods to protect the laboratory environment and the operator during general chemical applications and also when cleaning objects from molds. They actively protect the operator from inhalation of toxic fumes and dust. By installing a suitable filter, they can also protect the environment.

Your intended use specification will allow us to identify the type of Laboratory fume hood you need.
When working in the laboratory, it is important to understand the hazards associated with each of the chemicals you work with.


The fume hoods are specially designed cabinets, closed on 3 sides, which are connected to ducted aspirations opening to the atmosphere. All toxic and flammable substances are handled inside the fume hood to reduce risk and exposure to users, other members of the laboratory, and the surrounding community. A typical laboratory fume hood has a drop-down glass sash at the front (4th side) for opening and closing.

The speed at which air is drawn into the fume hood is called the face speed. If the speed of movement is too low or too high, it becomes ineffective and can lead to the release of pollutants into the atmosphere. The exhaust fan should be located at the end of the chimney to create a negative pressure in the chimney, maintain a constant air flow and avoid exhausting contaminated air back into the room


There are two types of laboratory hoods - ducted "V" (unfiltered) and recirculating "F" (filtered).

Lab solutions led by you and built by experts


Regardless of your budget, Conservation LabCam filter system solutions use only the latest recirculating air filtration technology. This type of lab hoods is becoming an increasingly popular choice due to its eco-efficiency and mobility, which means you can even install them in areas that might normally be hard to reach with ducted systems.

CON LABCAM 1200.jpg

Offering exceptional levels of containment, this versatile and high-performance laboratory equipment is ideal for a range of applications. Designed with the user in mind, all our laboratory hoods are built to meet safety standards with a range of standard or bespoke sizes.

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