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Generator for maintaining constant relative humidity in the museum windows up to 2 m³. No maintenance without water tank.

The PMCG range of active microclimates is a new way to keep the humidity in museum cabinets constant. The functionality of PMCG devices is based on solid state technology. The big advantage over other devices is that the PMCG units can work for many years without the need to fill or empty a water tank. After installing the appliance, the humidity in the windows will be kept constant for years without having to control the amount of water, add water or perform any other maintenance. Humidity values from <20% to 65% RH can be set at room temperature from 0 ° C to 40 ° C.

PMCG devices have a modular structure: A main module (main module) can be connected to multiple expansion modules (slave modules) to achieve the required performance for the respective application. Thanks to this modular design, the customer pays only for the really necessary capacity. The devices are extremely silent (<19 dB), energy consumption is extremely low and do not require special ventilation.


Installation / Operation


The device does not require constant monitoring. The device works without liquid water, so you do not have to monitor the water level, as with other devices.

PMCG devices can be placed in close proximity to the display case (eg at the base of the display case). The tool is connected to the display case by 2 hoses with an inner diameter of 20 mm. Apart from sufficient ventilation of the space where the PMCG devices are located, it is not necessary to consider additional special features. The power supply is mains current 240 V / 50 Hz.

The devices are perfectly connected in an upright position. In this situation, it can be assumed that the life of the device is more than 10 years. Horizontal installation is also possible, but it shortens life.

What the equipment includes

  • PMCG main unit

  • Humidity sensor with cable (1.8 m) and telephone plug 3.5 mm

  • Power cord (1.8 m) with standard computer 3-pin plug and grounded European plug. Other plugs are available at no extra charge - please let us know what you need.

  • Silicone air hose 2.5 m

  • Hose adapter with seal

  • CD with user manual and SD card


Four-year replacement warranty. The warranty is unlimited during the first year. Over the next three years, the customer will be charged for transportation and shipping costs for repair and replacement. The warranty of the humidity sensor is one year. We recommend that you inspect or replace the sensor after 2 years. All warranty claims will be void if the device has been opened or exposed to large amounts of water.


Three different models to choose from

  • DD - only suitable for drying. DD modules are the ideal solution for a very dry showcase climate (eg 17% rh) and if the humidity of the ambient air is always higher than the desired humidity in the display case.

  • HH - for moisturizing only. HH devices are suitable for applications where the desired humidity of the display case is always higher than that of the ambient air.

  • DH - suitable for drying and moisturizing. DH devices can be used for all applications. This model always uses only one of the two membranes. Therefore, it has only half the efficiency of the above models.


Maximum window sizes of individual models (manufacturer's data)

Model: DD

  • Showcase volume (target value <25% rh) - 1.25 m³

  • Showcase volume (target value> 25% rh) - 2.25 m³


Model: HH

  • Showcase volume (target value <25% rh) - 1.25 m³

  • Showcase volume (target value> 25% rh) - 2.25 m³


Model: DH

  • Showcase volume (target value <25% rh) - 1.0 m³

  • Showcase volume (target value> 25% rh) - 2.75 m³


All data are based on the assumption of a well-equipped display case with an air exchange rate of 0.1 per day. When using slave modules, care must be taken that they have the same mode as the main module (DD, HH or DH). However, different embodiments can be used together. The data above are indicative only. Please contact us before choosing one of the models.

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