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Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery interventions

Restoration of collections damaged by unforeseen circumstances, such as flooding of storage facilities, fire or other natural disasters, to prevent the accelerated deterioration of assets caused by the impact of harmful factors.
It consists of a quick and corrective response to limit or eliminate risk factors for the integrity of the collections.

Restoration of the collections affected by the disaster

  • Intervention and reaction in case of floods

Natural disasters, as well as floods in archives, are incidents that threaten the integrity of the collections and require the timely application of emergency procedures to allow the restoration of damaged documents.
Once the situation is identified, the intervention to restore the collections begins, based on procedures aimed at preventing the accelerated decomposition of the documents caused by the incident and restoring the conditions of storage and access to them.

Възстановяване при бедствия
Действия при наводнение
Действия при бедствия
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