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Specialized services for storage and preservation of collections of cultural heritage

Conservation Lab International Ltd offers specialized technical services and the provision of professional equipment in the field of preservation and conservation of collections of archives, libraries and museums, as well as the promotion of the use of these tools, which make the process more effective and preventive in preserving the cultural heritage. We provide support to conservers and respond to the specific needs of each institution with equipment, tools, consumables and specialized services.

We rely on the ever-growing specialization and internationalization, trying to set an example in the field of cultural heritage.

bollha anoxia

Disinsection without pesticides.
Aoxic Disinfestation Process.

Ecological, user-friendly disinfestation.


Careful removal of dust and dirt from books and documents, using appropriate procedures, equipment and instruments.


Packing books and documents in quality "Conservation Lab" Acid-free boxes, for proper conservation of the books and documents.

kapan-detektor za nasekomi

Insect traps are a vital part of a pest management strategy to detect, identify, monitor and control insect pests in areas where valuable collections may be at risk. 

transport na kolekcii

Collection of the documentation and its delivery to the place of storage.

Disaster Recovery

Rapid response to contain or eliminate risk factors that could affect the integrity of the collections.

Radio data logger.png

Monitoring and Controlling the Environmental Conditions of the Storage Facility


Removal of mold from cultural heritage collections without the use of chemical agents. Controlled freezing.


Digitalization of documents, books, textbooks, photographs and portraits, photo albums, maps, and graphic documents


Professional manual restoration of books, documents, old newspapers and magazines.


Binding of books, documents, newspapers and magazines.

Neschen HSM 2.0_2

Lamination of valuable documents, books, textbooks, photos, maps, and graphic documents.

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