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Anoxia Disinfestation Bubble 

Disinsection without pesticides

Aoxic Disinfestation Process

Ecological, user-friendly disinfestation.
The method has no harmful secondary effect on objects that are treated nor does it constitute any health risk for operators and users.
Inert gas is used, usually nitrogen, which causes insect death by asphyxiation and dehydration.
Anoxia eliminates insects at any stage of their development – egg, larva or adult.

Disinfestation using the Conservation Lab Anoxia Gas Bubble involves isolating the material to be treated in a bubble of plastic film that is highly impermeable to oxygen.
Air inside the bubble is replaced with an inert gas (nitrogen, argon or carbon dioxide).
Inert gas bubbles provide a made-to-measure ecological, non-toxic solution for occasional needs to disinfest documents or objects.
This technique allows local treatment to be carried out at places where documents and collections are stored, eliminating security risks and the integrity of the material, while also allowing objects of various shapes and sizes to be treated with the same efficiency.

Bolha Anoxia
Anoxia Bubble
Балон Аноксия
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