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Humidity control solutions in museum showcases

One of the most important factors for the preservation of the collections is the stability of the environment, which requires strict control of temperature and humidity.
We offer a wide selection of archive and museum showcases with humidity control, which meet the highest standards for storage and preservation of valuable collections in the field of cultural heritage, constantly developing new products.

Humidity control systems

Prosorb humidity control cartridges are an easy way to maintain a stable relative humidity level in display cases and cabinets.
Delivered as a complete device, Prosorb cartridges do not require additional containers or trays. Pre-filled with Prosorb beads, the cartridges are constructed of a sturdy polypropylene case with a vapor-permeable non-woven polyester.
Depending on the desired humidity (relative humidity) '%', we have cartridges pre-prepared to meet the ideal level for museum display cases, usually in the range of 40% to 60%. Closed Prosorb beads will absorb and desorb water vapor, as appropriate, to stabilize humidity.
As with any humidity control, it is important to monitor the environment with a hygrometer, as recovery may be required after an extended period.

treated and protected

The range of active microclimators PMCG is a new way to keep the humidity in the museum showcases constant. The functionality of PMCG devices is based on solid state technology.
The big advantage over other devices is that the PMCG units can work for many years without the need to fill or empty a water tank. After installing the appliance, the humidity in the showcases will be kept constant for years without having to control the amount of water, add water or perform any other maintenance.
Humidity values ​​from <20% to 65% RH can be set at room temperature from 0 ° C to 40 ° C.
PMCG devices have a modular structure: A main module (main module) can be connected to multiple expansion modules (slave modules) to achieve the required performance for the respective application. Thanks to this modular design, the customer pays only for the really necessary capacity. The devices are extremely silent (<19 dB), energy consumption is extremely low and do not require special ventilation.

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