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Low Pressure Table LPT


Our company, meeting the exact needs expressed by the operators involved in the restoration sector, has designed and built very flexible and high quality equipment for processing and interventions on ancient and modern paintings, paper, parchment, textiles and other collections worldwide.
Made entirely of stainless steel to allow the use of solvents (if necessary). The removable perforated coating allows complete cleaning inside the table and the vacuum air ducts.

This package includes:


  • Low pressure table - made of stainless steel with cooling fans.

  • Movable acrylic dome for humidification system.

  • Ultrasonic humidifier - provides a fine cold mist for humidification.

  • HD Control - controls the humidification, cooling, temperature and switching on of the vacuum device.

  • Vacuum cleaner "Dry Industrial Vacuum Cleaner" (for performing vacuum function).

The vacuum table is easy to install and maintain. This system is made with the same vacuum over the entire work surface.
The ultrasonic humidifier provides a fine cold mist for humidification without wetting the material we process (parchment, leather, paper, textiles and many other applications).

The vacuum tables from the LPT series are available in three sizes:


  • LPT 1     (800 x 1250 mm h - 850 mm)

  • LPT 1.6  (1000 x 1600 mm h - 850 mm)

  • LPT 2.5  (1250 x 2000 mm h - 850 mm)

Technical data:
Working height with unfolded support for all models
: 850 мм

  • Size:                       LPT 1 800 x 1250 mm;   LPT 1.6 1000 x 1600 mm;  LPT 2.5 1250 x 2000 mm

  • Weight:                  LPT 1 90 кг.;                    LPT 1.6 100 кг.;                  LPT 2.5 110 кг.

  • Workspace:           LPT 1 750 x1200 mm;    LPT 1.6 950 x 1550 mm;    LPT 2.5 1200 x 1950 mm 

  • Max. power: 2000 W, 240 V

  • 2 or 4 cooling fans

  • Acrylic dome for humidification system

  • Ultrasonic humidifier

  • Controller - controls humidification, cooling and temperature.

LPT 2.5
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