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"Anoxia" will save the valuable manuscripts in the National Library


The National Library "St. St. Cyril and Methodius" will save its books with new modern equipment.Thanks to the development of "Anoxia" valuable manuscripts and documents in the institution will be stored and cleaned. Milena Encheva and the operator Miroslav Minev from Bulgaria ON AIR checked who is behind the creation of the modern system and how it will work.

The National Library stores over 8 million paper documents - some of them are single copies. Unfortunately, our rich cultural heritage is often threatened by the effects of weather conditions and
the poor condition of the warehouses.

To save the cultural heritage in libraries, Hristo Zlatanov developed the “Anoxia” system, and years ago the idea of a chamber was born, where the securities could be processed and cleaned of mold.

In addition to keeping their books with new equipment, the library staff will enjoy a renovated building. The emergency repair is expected to be completed within a week.

Works on the publication: Anisia Ivanova

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Новини Консервейшън Лаб

The system for "treatment" of books, which was recently installed in the National Library "St. St. Cyril and Methodius ”(NBCM), was officially presented today to journalists and donors. Guests at the press conference on "Treating books, repairing the building" were Hristo Zlatanov, creator of the unique method for deworming of historical heritage, the expert on restoration and conservation Eng. Iskra Tsvetanska and Apostol Glossov, manager of the construction company BIAD-S, who carries out the repair of the roof damaged by the heavy snow.

Here were the first donor Nikolay Chervenkov (1000 BGN) and students from the Sofia Mathematical High School together with the history teacher, Mrs. Kalina Tsoneva, who collected 1057 BGN and donated them for the purchase and installation of the Anoxia system at the NBCM. Two thirds of the total BGN 50,000 needed for this purpose were collected from donations and a DMS campaign, and the rest were provided by the library. Among the donors are also PIC Doverie, the Supreme Bar Council, Technopolis Bulgaria EAD, Vivacom, EOS MATRIS EOOD, Ralitsa Stoycheva, Nadezhda Stoynova, Dilyana Ducheva, Vera Petrova, Evgeni Georgiev, Petar Todorov, Fedya Ognyanov.

About the system "Anoxia" and its installation in the National Library "St. St. Cyril and Methodius ”

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Новини Консервейшън Лаб
Камера Аноксия

How are books "treated"?

Books are being "treated" at the National Library in Sofia. The idea came from Bulgarian Hristo Zlatanov, who has worked for more than 15 years for an international company for the protection of cultural heritage and applies his skills in prestigious institutions such as the Library of Alexandria, the national archives of Mexico and Angola, and the Zografski Monastery in Mount Athos.
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The National Library "cures" books


After a campaign was launched in September last year to collect the necessary BGN 50,000 for the purchase and installation of a camera for cleaning paper documents from microorganisms that damage them (mold, fungi, bacteria), today the so-called Anoxia system started working and in the coming days will "treat" documents from the special collection of the NBCM, Ottoman and Arabic manuscripts, documents from the Regional Library of Dobrich, documents from the court in Shumen and others.

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Modern technology "revives" the books in the Ruse library

РБ Русе
Регионална Библиотека Русе




They disinfect old books in Ruse by a new method for Bulgaria

A unique method for processing the books is applied for the first time in Bulgaria in the Lyuben Karavelov Regional Library. This was announced by the director of the cultural institution Teodora Evtimova at the regular briefing for the upcoming events in May.

The new technology protects against the erosion of aging and from dangerous pests such as mold, moisture, absorption of chemicals and substances harmful to humans. In fact, everything is fine and the condition of the books is under 100% control, if you are interested in the old printed book collection and the fate of the priceless library of Acad. Mikhail Arnaudov, which is owned by Ruse. The whole so-called "Arnaud's archive" is currently packed in a special insulator, which is like a huge polyethylene balloon. Otherwise, the processing in question is mandatory and necessary on a schedule

"Library technology" for periodic processing and storage of valuable paper copies, which is regular and mandatory as a practice in all libraries around the world.

Now what is happening in our library, however, has a background. Two weeks ago, three ladies arrived in Ruse - experts from the Laboratory of Library Technologies, Communications and Information at the University of Library Science and Information Technology (UniBIT). Then Assoc. Krassimira Alexandrova, who led the team, said that the condition of the old printing fund in Ruse is in enviable good health, but it is imperative to start processing to preserve the priceless copies of publications that are unique to Bulgaria and are owned. of the Ruse Library. There are really invaluable examples of literature in our bookstore, the oldest book being from the 16th century. After experts from the capital made a thorough examination of all the books, it was agreed to proceed to the current, space-looking processing technology. On the recommendation of specialists from

UniBIT, representatives of the company "Hrikat Preservation and Preservation of Cultural Heritage" arrived in Ruse to apply their method "anoxia" in the library storage.

Hristo Zlatanov, head of Hrikat, told the Bryag newspaper: this does not pose any risk to the literary cultural heritage, to people and to the environment. This method is unique due to the fact that it artificially changes the atmosphere by withdrawing oxygen to levels below 0.5% and introducing inert gas (in our case nitrogen). At the same time, the levels of temperature and relative humidity are controlled, which are maintained in certain parameters for processing efficiency. Anoxia eliminates 100 percent of parasites by dehydration and suffocation due to lack of oxygen. ”

Well, this is, in general, in larger terms the first in Bulgaria processing of books by the new method of "anoxia", known in the USA and some countries in Europe since the beginning of the new millennium. From

Hristo Zlatanov, we also learned that "Hrikat" has been operating only since 2002. They were in

the book depository of the Athos Lavra, have processed secret documents in military funds in Vietnam, our specialists have several orders in the Alexandria

library in Egypt, Cyprus and the Asian continent.


May 5, 2016







Аноксия в Русе

the manager of the company "Hrikat" Hristo Zlatanov © Darik Ruse, Iskra Georgieva

The Ruse library has started disinfection of the old printing fund by a new method, not used in Bulgaria so far, announced its director Teodora Evtimova. The method is called anoxia and is completely harmless to both books and people. It is applied by a Bulgarian company for preservation and protection of cultural heritage, which operates worldwide. Her services were also used in the Zografski Monastery in Mount Athos, as well as in the Library of Alexandria. However, she has not been hired in Bulgaria so far, said its manager Hristo Zlatanov.

For a month, the old printed books of the Ruse library, as well as the books from the Mikhail Arnaudov Fund, together with the desk of a famous scientist will be placed in a special balloon, from which oxygen will be drawn and only nitrogen will remain. This kills all kinds of bacteria, fungi and even wood eaters on the bookshelves. Then the room where the books are kept will be disinfected and after thorough cleaning they will be returned.

Listen to the conversation with Hristo Zlatanov in the attached file.


5 May 2016 14:19 | Author: Iskra Georgieva

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