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UV "Book Sterilizer 6"


Book Sterilizer 6

"Book Sterilizer 6" designed for library sterilization self-service, approved by national certification (SGS) and sterilization efficiency up to 99.9%, easy operation using mechanical one touch button(start/stop), widely used in public library, university library, School library, Kindergarten and corporate library. Sterilize up to 6 books at once in 30 seconds. 3 UV lamps provide maximum sterilization.

"Book Sterilizer 6" self-service is truly the best helper to guard the health of library circulation, will help prevent New type flu A(H1N1), Virus, germ, Bacteria, Dysentery bacillus, Dust, Colon bacillus, Mold, Opportunistic infection virus, Particulate matters, Bookworms exists in the Book. 



  • Brand Name: Book Sterilizer

  • Model: 6

  • Automatically shuts off

  • sterilize up to 6 books at once

  • Short process time of 30 seconds

  • 99.9% effective sterilization against pathogenic bacteria

  • Noise levels below 40dB, perfect for libraries

  • Dust is removed from books with high air pressure

  • Unit requires little space

  • Multi units can be used at once

  • Maximum book length is 50cm

  • Rating: 100-240V 50-60Hz

  • Size: 650(W) x 580(D) x 720(H)mm

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