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Equipment "Conservation Lab International"

"Conservation Lab International" Ltd provides of professional equipment in the field of preservation and conservation of collections of archives, libraries and museums, as well as the promotion of the use of these tools, which make the process more effective and preventive in preserving the cultural heritage. We provide support to conservers and respond to the specific needs of each institution with equipment, tools and consumables.

We rely on the ever-growing specialization and internationalization, trying to set an example in the field of cultural heritage.


Laboratory fume hoods are used to protect the laboratory environment and the operator during general chemical applications and to clean valuable collections from mold. They actively protect the operator from inhalation of toxic fumes and dust. By installing a suitable filter, they can also protect the environment.

лабораторен аспиратор.jpg

The extractor can be connected to single or multiple joints according to actual conditions.
Applications: electronic industry, soldering, laboratories, beauty salon, metal processing workshop, jewelry processing workshops, schools, factories, chemical laboratories, machining workshop. Variety of installation: vertical, hanging, fixed to wall or ceiling.


Humidity control solutions in museum showcases.
One of the most important factors for the preservation of the collections is the stability of the environment, which requires strict control of temperature and humidity.


Generator for maintaining constant relative humidity in the museum windows up to 2 m³. No maintenance without water tank. The PMCG range of active microclimates is a new way to keep the humidity in museum cabinets constant.

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