Equipment "Conservation Lab International"

"Conservation Lab International" Ltd provides of professional equipment in the field of preservation and conservation of collections of archives, libraries and museums, as well as the promotion of the use of these tools, which make the process more effective and preventive in preserving the cultural heritage. We provide support to conservers and respond to the specific needs of each institution with equipment, tools and consumables.

We rely on the ever-growing specialization and internationalization, trying to set an example in the field of cultural heritage.

Anoxia Disinfestation Chamber 1
CST W800_2
An Automatic Anoxia Disinfestation Chamber for curing and prevention, for long and systematic treatment of documents and archival materials as well as other cultural heritage sites.
Perfect for use in public and university libraries, schools, children's centers and much more. Sterilize up to 6 books at once in 30 seconds. 99.9% effective.
This appliance is designed to provide efficient removal of dust or fumes, while providing excellent working ergonomics and is suitable for precise work when sitting is required.
Very strong and easy to manage stroller, with three shelves for convenient and secure transfer of documents and archive boxes between different archive sectors.
Professional, compact and light vacuum cleaner "Conservation Vac".
Cleaning with a high-efficiency HEPA filter for single use. With adjustable suction level.
Specially developed by Conservation Lab International Ltd (Con Lab Int) device for restoration and conservation of bound sites. Separate pages are processed without loading and damaging the binding.
The press is made of steel with a robust construction, which allows long-term use. Ideal for libraries, archives and restoration studios.
ultrazvukov aparat
WM 140.jpg
The ultrasonic piezoelectric device is a necessity for every restoration studio. It removes the crusts of archaeological finds, murals or stone artifacts, dirt, solid adhesive residues and others without damaging the surface of the site.
Our ultrasonic humidifier provides a reliable flow of extremely fine cold mist. The fine nozzle, equipped with the hose set, allows work on small spots, while the other attachment is for spreading fog over a wider area.
The Airfree air purifier is an equipment for cleaning the environment, which removes for a long time and without harm, the spores of parasites that spread in the air (between 77% and 100%), bacteria that grow in the home environment (between 62% and 98.5%), as well as ozone - it is enough to just turn on a device.

Humidity control solutions in museum showcases.

One of the most important factors for the preservation of the collections is the stability of the environment, which requires strict control of temperature and humidity.