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 Pressure Book Wedge

Book Wedge_4.jpg

Specially developed by the Conservation Lab International (ConLabInt) instrument for restoration and conservation of bound objects.

Made from stainless steel (it will fit into a fume cupboard if you are using solvents). Withstands very high vacuum pressures, especially useful when spot cleaning a small area with the rest of the platen blanked off. Working surface of 380 x 300mm with  perforated holes apart.  Comes with 2.5 metres of strong vacuum hose, can be connected to your existing vacuum unit (if you have one). Alternatively we can supply vacuum systems, please specify your working requirements.

Table size 380 mm x 300 mm

Total size 425 mm x 300 mm x 300 mm

Weight 7kg

Вакуум клин
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