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Digitalization of documents, books, textbooks, photographs and portraits, photo albums, maps, and graphic documents

  • Digitalization / Scanning of books and textbooks

  • Digitalization / Scanning of articles

  • Digitalization / Scanning of photos and portraits

  • Digitalization / Scanning Photo Albums

  • Digitalization / Scanning of maps and graphic documents

We prepare the documents (we clean, remove paper clips / staples, unfold pages, and repair damaged ones).

Save to formats: PDF, DOC, TIFF, JPG and more.

The processed images can be recorded on various electronic media of your choice.

Preserving books is often a significant problem. There are rare and valuable editions that are not desirable to be viewed frequently and touched with hands because they could be damaged. Sometimes when they are used, sheets are torn or fallen. Sometimes there are attacks. The negligence or incompetence of the owners of these artifacts is found, many libraries, archives, museums, private collectors have poorly stored their valuable collections. There are also natural disasters, rodents and moths that can ruin books or photos.

Photos capture people, personalities, events, surroundings. They are a particularly valuable source of information about history after 1839, when daguerreotype, the beginning of photography, appeared. Older photos are more resistant to the weather, but some early 20th century photographs printed on plain paper are degrading quickly, especially when stored in light. The same goes for the negatives. Glasses (which in the older photographs act as a negative) are often broken and difficult to store.

Дигитализация на книги
Дигитализация на документи
Дигитализация на снимки
Дигитализация на документи
Book Scanner
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