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Restoration of books, documents, paintings, icons, furniture, wooden sculptures, etc.

Professional manual restoration of books, documents, old newspapers and magazines.


  • Manufacture and repair of cover.

  • Restoration and stabilization of the paper body by duplication with Japanese paper.

  • Repairing missing parts on the paper base

  • Bookbinding, folding, gluing and sewing

Реставрация на книги и документи
Реставрация на книги и документи
Реставрация на книги и документи
Реставрация на книги и документи
Реставрация на книги и документи
Реставрация на книги и документи
Реставрация на книги и документи

Restoration and cleaning of paintings and icons

  • Restoration and cleaning of paintings is performed by professional restorers. The paintings cover a wide range of different media, materials and their supports (ie the painted surface made of fabric, paper, wood panel, board or other). Knowing the materials of each painting and its maintenance allows the correct practices for restoration and conservation. All components of the picture will react differently to the environment and will affect the work as a whole. These material components together with the care of the collections (also known as preventive conservation) will determine the longevity of the painting. Cleaning the surface can be very important for your painting. It can reveal hidden details that have been coated with nicotine staining, or revive faded colors where everyday contaminants have settled on a painting.

  • Cleaning and restoration of icons is performed by experienced professionals. Most church icons suffer from poor exposure and storage conditions, which damage its physical and chemical structure.


Restoration and cleaning of wooden furniture and sculptures

  • The restoration aims to restore the original appearance of the furniture and prolong their life. Conservation and restoration of wooden furniture is an activity dedicated to the protection and preservation of wooden furniture with historical and personal value. When applied to cultural heritage, this activity is usually carried out by a conservator-restorer. Conservation and restoration of furniture can be divided into two common areas: structure and coating.                                                                                             - The structure usually refers to wood and can be divided into solid, jointed and veneered wood.                                                         - The furniture coating can be painted or transparent.

  • Surface cleaning and treatment.

  • Repair, strengthening, concealing defects and scratches. 

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